StreetView makes a pass through Piedmont Bend

The popular Google Maps “StreetView” feature was updated earlier this week to include Atlanta.  Part of that includes a brief visit to Piedmont Bend!

They entered on Kinridge off of East Piedmont, took it straight up to Starlight, then jogged over to Kinridge and exited onto Sandy Plains.  I had hoped they’d cover the entire subdivision, but it’s a start.

Based on what we could tell at our church, the area was photographed just prior to last Christmas.  I presume that we were photographed at roughly the same time.  If you see anything in the photos to indicate otherwise (for example, “our red Camry is in the driveway and we didn’t buy it until February”), let us know in the comments.  I’m always interested in trying to put a timestamp on these.

You can check us out here, or just use the image below.  For more information about this release, visit the Digital Earth Blog.

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  1. See Mike Deneen struttin’ his stuff on 2984 Kinridge Road and face right.

  2. I can’t find him. There doesn’t seem to be a 2984 on there. Pull it up on Google’s site (the “View Larger Map” link below the image), find him, then click “Link to this page” and paste the link in here. I’m very curious to see it.

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